June 1, 2008

Late Memorial Day Pics

I know, I have been so negligent in posting...we have been busy as usual. Actually, things have been so hectic- just balancing everyday life is keeping our schedules packed. Thankfully we've all been healthy. Last weekend Grampy, Juanita, Kate, and Great Nana came to visit. We had a great time! Nate had his first visit to Hershey park- and the verdict. . . he loved it! We went to the 3D show and on the famous chocolate ride...he was totally mesmerized. He loves to play with Kate and is almost walking. Did I say walking?! Wow...I can't believe my little boy is almost taking his first steps.

As you can see from the pics, the sun was out, and Nate's red hat was on all weekend. This weekend Nanny and Auntie Molly visited so I will have more pics to post soon. It was a beautiful weekend here.


The Wright Family said...

OMG! He's so adorable in his red hat! Almost Walking.. AGHHH!! Better get your running shoes on.. it won't be long now...you'll be running after him!! hee hee!
So great to see you all doing so well and happy!!
The Wright Family

Beth said...

It is so great to see these pics. Everyone looks so happy. We are super busy, too. Isn't it great? We still think of you often and I am so glad to see how well you are. Take care!