April 27, 2008

The week in review

It's been a crazy, busy week! First, Nathan is doing wonderful. He continues to thrive at his daycare. He is super active there...on Friday, they were outside playing for most of the morning. He loves to chase around the other kids and stare at their toys, too. The teachers have theme weeks and last week it was animals. They had little chicks which hatched right in the classroom! Nathan loved the soft feel of their hair. All in all I am so pleased that his days at school are going well. He's just so adaptable.

Earlier this week the weather was beautiful, so we took the highchair out on the back deck and ate our dinner outside. Here are a few pics of the little guy as we were rolling out:

Are you looking at me, mom?!

Waving bye-bye!

April 19, 2008

Summer is in the air!

We have been spending SO much more time outside lately now that the warmer weather has arrived. Nate absolutely loves it. I have been laying a blanket outside in the back yard and we bring different toys and snacks with us and play together in the warm sun. To me- this is paradise!

Nathan came home early again from school yesterday. His ear infection did not go away on the basic antibiotic. He needed something more powerful which we started him on yesterday. He had a really high fever but he seems to be doing better today. I am hoping he'll be 100% next week. Despite all of this though, he's still laughing and happy as can be (unless it's bedtime and he wants mommy or daddy to hold him ;-) !

April 16, 2008

Little Man in motion

Nate is crawling everywhere. He also has begun pulling himself up onto ANY object in sight- which keeps us very busy! He is taking steps when we hold him but he's not ready to walk yet (thankfully!). Right now we're just enjoying every second of his new found pastime- crawling everywhere.

He is still enjoying school. He is home with Rich one day a week and I pick him up early another. The other 3 days he is at school for a full day. I am amazed at how much he is learning there. He says "da-da" now and "ba-ba" and some other babbling words, too. Still waiting for ma-ma to come out, any day now ;-) ! What I like most about school is the social time he gets with his friends. He is really drawn to playing with the other kids and intently studying what they are doing.

I know I haven't been blogging lately. My work schedule combined with personal life has got me going 24/7 and I barely can find the time to check my email. I am starting to find ways to make more time though, as I gradually adjust to being a full-time working mom.

The new blog is up....I just haven't had time to launch it yet. Hopefully in the next few weeks it will be up and running.

April 6, 2008

First week at school...

Nathaniel started school this week, and I returned to work. He attended for 3 days and he seems to really like it. I thought it would be tougher than it actually was- for the both of us. I didn't cry...though I was consumed with thoughts about how he was doing all 3 days. He seems to have adjusted well. He loves to play with the other little ones and explore his new turf there (he's been crawling all over the place there!). On Thursday when I picked him up, I could tell he was getting sick. I couldn't believe he was already sick from school! He has been a real trooper the last few days and appears to have a bad head cold which has now turned into a bad cough. He doesn't have a fever and his spirits have been high. Hopefully he'll build up his immunity quick and get these sicknesses out of the way.

Here he is after I picked him up on Wednesday:

Nothing better than seeing this sweet face after a long day at work!

April 1, 2008

Life is good!!

We've been busy so we needed to post a quick update. We have been having fun! We visited Grammy and Grandpa again the past few days and had a wonderful time. Nate is just a bundle of smiles and always loves to travel and visit with family. He is still teething (no new teeth yet!) so we started his new biscuits a couple weeks ago-he loves them:

Nathan adores his animals...he especially likes the cats. He is just learning how to pet the dogs. At first, he is sort of unsure what to do but he's been smiling when they come near him now. Here is a picture of Nate and Rupert playing:

Nate's still sleeping next to Momma. He loves to snuggle. I wake up in the middle of the night and he's got his arm around me. He is using his transitioning object (monkey!) more frequently too. He has been babbling constantly and he likes to make all sorts of noises with his lips. Our days have been filled with lots of discoveries and learning and Nate is like a little sponge absorbing it all.