May 18, 2008


Everywhere. I took this series of photos a few weeks ago when it was warm. Nathan really liked his alphabet's pasta. We've been slowly transitioning him more and more away from baby foods and into only whole foods. We are in the process of transitioning from formula to whole milk, since he just turned 12 months. His favorite food right now: cheerios and yogurt- he could live on the stuff!


Sandy said...

Cheerios and yogurt are a big hit at our house too! Don't you just love the mess after they learn to "feed" themselves?? Hee hee!

Steph said...

Yay!! I am getting caught up on the blogs! Happy Belated 1st Birthday!! WOW!! He is just adorable and looks so happy!

Margaret mom to Peter, and waiting for his sister said...

Hmmm, Alphabet pasta, I'll have to look for that. Anna loves her cheerios and saltine crackers.

have a great summer,