June 8, 2008

Our weekend with Nanny and Auntie MoMo

It was definitely an all girls weekend! Last weekend Nanny and Auntie Mo Mo made the long drive to PA from NH- they visited for 3 days. We had such a fun time- we laughed so hard I think Nate was probably wondering what was wrong with us!

Nate LOVES to go out to eat and really do anything where he can see new things. We went to dinner, had a BBQ one day, and went shopping one afternoon!

Nathan is doing wonderful. He is almost on milk only. He's just doing one formula bottle before bed- which I plan to stop next week. He is not eating anymore baby food! He loves chicken, veggie burgers, and fish. He drinks perfectly from a sippy cup. He also has a particular liking for shredded cheese.

Today was SO incredibly hot we bought Nate a mini pool. I wish we had a real one in the yard...but this was definitely the next best thing. It's shaped like a frog with two big eyes and is just the right size. The water was freezing but he went in no problem and splashed and smiled. He is definitely a mommy's boy in that regard- we both love to swim! I am so excited that he will be starting swimming lessons soon.

Here are some pics from last weekend


Auntie MoMo said...

Does he miss Auntie MoMo?
I sure do miss the little guy!
He is always smiling!
Give him my love!

The Wright Family said...

What a great smile!! I miss seeing regular posts from you but I understand how busy you all are.
So good to hear how great Nate is doing!
We do milk for lunch and supper and do Next Stage formula (enfamil) for nap and bedtime. So far.. so good.
Drop me a line sometime and share more!!
Jen Wright