October 16, 2007

What is PGN, anyway?

Of course, many of the abbreviations used in adoption sound like "code" to those not familiar with the process. PGN or Procuradoria General del Nacion is essentially the solicitor general's office. They have an adoption unit which reviews and approves or rejects adoptions. When a file is submitted, it will be reviewed by reviewer # 1 to ensure that all the information required is present. This generally takes 1-2 weeks. Once you pass the 1st reviewers approval, you move on to the 2nd reviewers desk. The 2nd reviewer will review your file to ensure that it is in compliance with Guatemalan law. If they don't like what they see, they can issue you a "previo" or "kick out" and ask that corrections be made. The length of time to correct a previo ranges from 1 day to several months. Generally, a file is approved or kicked out by the second reviewer within 6 weeks. There are three 2nd reviewers for all of the cases in PGN. Once you are approved by the 2nd reviewer, your case moves to Senor Barrios who approves your adoption as final through the PGN. Typically, Senor Barrios will take 1-2 weeks to sign off and approve. He can also issue a kick out for corrections but that is rare. Once you've made it to him, there is a good chance you will be approved soon. At any point during this process, if you receive a previo, you start back at the 8 week timeframe again. We are 2 weeks now into our PGN wait-- so the longer we go with staying on the 2nd reviewer's desk without a previo- the better likelihood we have of being approved through PGN in 8 weeks. We are praying that we will be approved sometime before the 1st of December. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll be calling again the end of next week to get an update from PGN.

In case you're wondering....here's a little glimpse into what PGN looks like:

Welcome to PGN....(or should I say- LET US ALL OUT!!)

Where our file was submitted...

Up these stairs and to the right is where our file currently sits....hopefully just waiting for approval!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little more insight into this *crazy* part of the process we all call PGN.

In other news, we got all Nathaniel's room furniture this weekend! We had a great time picking it out. His room is painted and we just need to put the finishing touches on it. It will be done before November. Can't wait to get him in it. :-)


Guatemama said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. :) It is nice to visualize our files sitting there together getting APPROVED.

Have fun finishing Nathans room.

Steph said...

So, there it is....PLEASE LET US OUT!!!!! :)

Beth said...

Great post, very helpful. Would you mind if I sent some blog traffic your way as friends and family ask for an explanation of PGN that is user friendly? You did a great job.
I have a blurred video shot of PGN building from our last trip. Hmmm... seeing it makes me think I might give them a call today. :)

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