July 1, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Boys. . .

It's time for an update!! Our days have been filled with all the typical summer activities- walks outside, picnics in the yard, swimming at the pool, eating watermelon late at night on the back deck, and lots of other fun. Nate seems to be in his glory during the warmer weather we've been having. He continues to thrive at school. He took his first few steps the other day and is bascially cruising all around the house now. He does have a little (did I say little?!) devil in which we have been seeing more and more. It is really so cute but you can certainly tell he is ALL boy. He loves to shake his head 'no' when I tell him yes! It's like clockwork everytime. He now thinks spitting is a daily pastime; he nearly laughs himself to death when he does it. Daddy and I are practicing our ignoring skills! He also thinks it's funny to throw his sippy cup on the floor (about 10-15 times per meal) . . . and when mom let's him know she doesn't approve- he laughs even harder! It's for all this and even more that I am constantly reminding myself how thankful I am for my little boy.

Lately we've really been noticing that he is comprehending a lot more. He really knows all his nicknames now and responds well. He knows a lot of words and how to say, "baba (bottle in our house) mama". I think one of the best parts of being a parent is watching your little one change right before your eyes. I have been noticing him growing and becoming a little boy much more now than I ever have. I know it's expected, and extremely exciting, but it reminds you of how important this time NOW really is.

We're headed to NH to Nanny's house for the 4th! So excited! We'll be basking in the warm sun and swimming in the lake. And Nathan will hopefully have his first campfire with the roasting of marshmallows and all. I am really looking forward to a getaway. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to the fireworks. I am guessing he will love them!

Ok, here are a few more pics. Yesterday, Rich took Nate to the grocery store with him and Nate came home with a balloon because he was very well behaved while Daddy shopped. He loves this balloon and had to take it on the walk, too.

Happy 4th of July!


Sandy said...

So glad you guys are doing well. Isn't it amazing the things they come up with? You are right, take it all in NOW, they change so quickly. Have a great trip!

The Wright Family said...

WoW!! He's getting handsomer.. is that a word? Of course it is!!
Those are great pics!
Have fun and hope he enjoyed the fireworks.. Gabe is very afraid of loud noises, so we'll try again next year!